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A Sports Car For All (Pontiac Grand Prix)

In 1980's there is no other leading sports car that makes wave than Pontiac Grand Prix. Perhaps not everyone knows that it debuted years earlier in 1962 as Pontiac Catalina's sportier version. Pontiac Grand Prix has been considered a luxury car model and has become a trendsetter in terms of exterior trim in the sixties. With consideration to some Federal regulation, it is been maximized in 1970s.
For teenagers, Grand Prix is their dream sports car. One fact about this is that most of those who purchase the cars are teenagers making it a teen sensation of the period. Not only that, it is only reinforced by some interviews published in Teen Beat magazines in 1980's
The popularity of Pontiac Grand Prix has eclipsed that of Bonneville which was the considered as the most preferred car among retirees and old generation. With the production of Bonneville being ceased, Pontiac Grand Prix has made its place even unassailable.
This is in partial part due to the sportier look of the Grand Prix, but is also due to the fact that the Grand Prix has proven to be more fuel efficient. Fuel efficiency, as we all well know, is a big deal right now as gas prices continue to rise, and show no sign of stopping. In fact, the makers of the Grand Prix have taken this into account, and are working on a hybrid model of the car.
With it rising popularity, General Motors is giving to its owners and enthusiasts some accessories to treasure. These accessories can be readily available to in some automotive shop and a perfect mate with one's Pontiac Grand Prix. There are also other accessories which are limitedly supplied by General Motor's exclusive dealers and parts specialist. Perhaps, the most generally available accessory for Pontiac Grand Prix is Pontiac grand Prix key chain. Not only is it readily available, it would also cost less to buyers.
There are actually four different Pontiac Grand Prix keychains available for your pleasure. They can be great for gifts or for your own personal use. The key chains are available in four styles, two of which are a combination of leather and metal and two that are metal alone. The most popular key chain available is the leather key chain with a silver ring around the metal Pontiac Grand Prix medallion.
A Sports Car For All (Pontiac Grand Prix)
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The other leather key chain has a wider gold ring around the medallion. The two metal key chains available are very different from each other. One is a simple circle, while the other is the same simple circle but with a nice, wider band of chrome around the circlet. All four of the key chains hold the Pontiac Grand Prix symbols on their medallions, and they each cost around seven dollars.
One can think of many ways to have key chains personalized in some use. A car dealer can engrave his dealership name or logo at the back of it for $ 5.00. To have brand exposures, some companies might want to put their own company names and logos on it also. Also, a good way of tracking for their cars is to put their logo on it with their numbers just in case it falls in other's hands. Another way of personalizing it is to put the name of the owner along with the date it is acquired.

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